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What is Rage of the Gladiator?

Rage of the Gladiator™ is a fantasy-based fighting game. You play the role of Gracius, battling for his life in the arena.

Your equipment consists of a magical warhammer and a trusty shield. Wait for the right moment, then dodge, jump, or block your enemy’s attacks. Next, unleash your rage by brutally pounding your enemy with your warhammer and bashing them with your shield. Each opponent has a unique style and pattern that you need to pay close attention to. Learn to exploit the weakness of each enemy with the proper timing and agility, and you will triumph.

What platforms is the game available on?

Rage of the Gladiator is available on WiiWare™, the downloadable game service for the Wii™ system from Nintendo. It’s also available on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and is coming soon to Android and other mobile devices through a partnership with Gamelion.

How do I purchase Rage of the Gladiator on the Wii?

You can’t buy this game in stores — its only available as a download onto the Wii.  To do this, first make sure your Wii is connected to the Internet via the wireless Internet device built-into the Wii (you need a Wireless router or Wireless hub for this to work).  Then navigate to the Wii™ Shop Channel.  Rage of the Gladiator is available in the WiiWare section of the Wii™ Shop Channel.

Why is the game fun?

Overall our formula for making this game is:

* Create a combat system inspired by some of the best ideas from games such as 1980s Punch Out

* Create a fantasy world with interesting fantasy bosses, and an compelling storyline

* Add-in music inspired from movies such as 300

* Inject a theme system inspired by games such as God of War

* Put in cutscenes inspired by games such as Final Fantasy for demolishing your enemy

* Give the player a tech-tree inspired by games such as Diablo or World of Warcraft

How much replay value is in the game?

We have spent a lot of time focusing on building value into Rage of the Gladiator.

There are 11 unique bosses.  Each boss has its own behavior and patterns that will take some time to understand and conquer.

Once you’ve beaten the first 10 bosses, you must face them all again in Challenge Mode.  In this mode, the bosses gain new powers and are much more difficult.  Challenge Mode is essentially a completely new experience when playing the game.  The final boss is only unlocked at the end of Challenge Mode.  This results in a total of 21 battles in the game.

In addition, there are 3 tech-trees for you to explore, and so replay value also comes from exploring different builds of your character. (Note: Mobile versions of Rage of the Gladiator have an additional “Novice” difficulty mode to appeal to more casual gamers).

How does the combat system work?

Rage of the Gladiator is a game of avoiding attacks, and then executing a well-timed series of hits. Some boss attacks require precise timing to avoid, and others require that you avoid the attack in the right way (dodging left, dodging right, jumping, blocking, or counterattacking).

How does the skill tree work?

The skill-tree allows you to customize your character. These skills grant you new combos, as well as make your character more powerful. Each time you defeat an enemy, you gain additional skill-tree points.

There are three paths you can choose, each one having different rewards along the way:

Offense: Focuses on hitting harder, gaining critical strikes, leeching health from opponents, and conjuring firey pillars and meteors.

Defense: Focuses on taking less damage, improved blocking, the ability to heal yourself in combat, and the ability to resurrect from death.

Magic: Focuses on generating more energy to perform combos, channeling electricity into opponents, and summoning the wrath of incredible forces such as lightning and tornados.

At the bottom of each skill-tree, there are very powerful combo finishers. For example, the Magic tree has the ability to transform you into a hulking colossus. You must heavily invest in one skill-tree to gain access to these superpowers.

How do combos work?

The combo system in this game is a way for you to unleash devastating power against your enemy, using your stored energy to cast spells and perform complicated physical attacks.

Early on, you may learn how to leap into the skies and plunge your warhammer into the ground, creating a pillar of fire that burns your enemy to a crisp. As you progress you may learn more deadly combos, such as conjuring an ancient tornado to lay the ground asunder.

However, this is just the starting point. Prove your worth in the arena and you will earn devastating finishers such as a savage lightning storm or a fiery meteor.

To perform a combo, you need to have the minimum amount of energy in your meter. You earn energy when you connect with your hits, and lose energy when you get hit. More powerful combos require more energy, and some combos even take all of your energy in one shot!

You unlock the combos via the skill tree.

Is there a multi-player mode?

Rage of the Gladiator is a single-player only experience.  We decided in advance that we wanted to focus on making the most enjoyable single player experience possible, rather than making a game that was just OK at both single and multiplayer.

What is the vision behind the Wii version?

We noticed that many gamers (including ourselves) tend to struggle to exercise, because exercise is boring. Our vision is to create a fun, hardcore game that appeals to hardcore gamers and “tricks” them into exercising. We specifically did not create a “Wii Fit” branded game because we didn’t want to appeal to exercise junkies — rather we wanted to appeal to hardcore gamers, and have them (as a byproduct of playing) burn lots of calories while having a blast.

What are the controls for the Wii version?

The Wii uses motion controls. There are 3 different modes:

Traditional Horizontal Wii Remote: You hold the Wii Remote sideways, NES-style. This is great for old-school gamers that love quick responsiveness of buttons.

Wii Remote + Nunchuk: You hold the Wii Remote in your right hand, and Nunchuk in your left hand. You swing the Nunchuk or Wii Remote to perform attacks. By holding down a button, you can aim low when you swing.

Wii Remote + Nunchuk with Wii MotionPlus: The motion controls are enhanced here. You can swing up, down, left, and right when you swing by aiming the controller in that direction. We feel this is the most enjoyable experience and its pretty good exercise, too!


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